Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I suppose you could say my trade is Administration, and I've been doing Administration on and off for the last 15 years, I'm now 34.

I have a problem... The problem is that, I want to work, that if for sure! BUT, call me what you like, but, I REFUSE to do a boring, unfulfilling job, and that is what Administration has become to me, pretty much in all it's forms and variations I find it tedious. I'm talking about work that for me,  is about as nourishing as a 'Big Mac', a sort of  'Joe Versus The Volcano'esque position, where you watch the clock waiting for the day to end, and thus, wish your life away... (Have you seen Joe Versus The Volcano by the way? If not, you should, it's a hidden jem ;o) )

I was talking to a friend about work the other day... and through conversation, we realised that the last time I enjoyed work was 21 years ago... The job? It was my paper-round! But not just any paper-round, for a while I was THE Paperboy, I had an evening paper-round, I collected paper-money on Sunday's, but I also had two rounds in the morning. For a happy period it was the morning rounds that I enjoyed most, one standard size round and another, small but big on distance... It was actually quite magical, the two rounds combined, amalgamated into one large but not too large a round, and of course I got paid DOUBLE!!! This for me at the time was a massive coup! I'd be up at around 6.30 am, in the shop for 6.45am... Both rounds done and back home for 7.30am ready to watch Ulysses 31 (A cartoon on TV at the time).
The very fact that I can remember all this, for me shows my affection for the brief period in my life where I enjoyed work.

The problem, or should I say challenge, is that I'm 34 and have reached a point in my life where after a lot of soul searching, self-reflection, pain and boredom, I have come to a point where I have to find a job/line of work/career that will give me the same sense of fulfilment and accomplishment as when I was 13! I have reached a point-of-no-return, as now when I return to my old line of work, I actually start to feel quite ill! It is just so blaringly obvious that I'm not an Administrator any more, I'm not sure I ever was? But I'm certainly not one now!

To be continued...

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