Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Natural Undulations

Well, I've been back in England for 3 weeks now... My India experience has been tremendous... In so many ways, one being that distance from your old 'stomping ground' really does allow you to see things from a different perspective... Neuroses go with you to of course, but even that is an experience, or I would even say refreshing. And (do people still think starting a sentence with 'And' is bad form in this time of 'grrl' being acceptable for use when playing Scrabble?) certain negative assumptions that you may of held about yourself can get annihilated when in different environments, when meeting totally different people from different backgrounds and cultures... If you are struggling to break old patterns, I would definitely advise you to go on a journey! Hell, just being in a place where you can't attach yourself to the tramlines of your 'preordained', 'preprogrammed' existence is liberating!

My travels have probably helped me to be a little easier on myself too! (Always nice when that happens, right?) But, Yeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!  In that, amongst other realisations, I have finally absorbed into my conciousness that we have natural undulations in our mood(s) [is it mood or moods? Ha], and it is so liberating to understand that; to understand that in the very core of your being! Though, I will admit, I still forget from time to time, that 'You are not your mood!' It's so easy to attach yourself to your present state of mind isn't it!?

So, 'Natural Undulations'... Wow! People... Go Travel!

PS. The above photo is actually Nepal (an unscheduled and pleasing addition to the journey! )