Friday, 26 February 2010


I saw a piece on the BBC News today regarding Cuba. I have for a while now been captivated by the Idea of Cuba, from the fact that Ernest Hemmingway loved the country, to seeing (not first hand I may say, but one day maybe) the Organic farming methods used within Cuban communities to enable them to grow their own food, and of course to the relationship he/she has with The United States. It is this Cuba/US relationship that my initial interest, at least for the purpose of this post, is based upon.

In the said BBC report, it mentioned the 'dysfunctional relationship' that exists between the two countries. I wish to look deeper into this relationship. 

  • I wonder why the US are still trying to impose so many sanctions on Cuba?
  • What are these sanctions? 
  • Is it the Cuban Communist regime that is in place, which the Cubans do not, it seems, deem to be an area for negotiation (and why should it be?), the fundamental problem that the United States has with Cuba?
  • And is there something that is inherent to the Cuban regime that upsets the Americans from engaging with Cuba? Ie. That prevents the Americans, and forgive my terminology, from 'Globalizing' Cuba? I don't know... But I would like to find out!

All food for thought... I would welcome any comments :)

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