Sunday, 4 April 2010

Not A Poem

What have I done today?
Worried about the fact that I am unhappy,
Rather than just be... Unhappy,
Worried about the Future,
Rather than enjoy today or...
Wondered if I will ever get 'THERE',
Rather than just live from moment-to-moment.

A friend said to me last weekend that she had spent the last year, or so, not doing much, living on redundancy money and generally bumming around, worrying about getting her business more advertised and marketed, and then said, "You know I could have just taken the money I have spent and gone travelling¹, not tortured myself about my predicament and still been in a similar place²"

Obviously, everything is easy in hindsight, but what is it that stops us from being all that we can be?

I could apply the same question to my day, today, I could have just 'lived in the moment'... but then, surely that was what I was doing ay? Just that I worried about the future in that moment, about the past and about the fact that I was unhappy in those moments... Hmmm... Doesn't sound like living in the moment to me though...

BUT, as I am writing this, I FEEL ALIVE and I would defy anybody to say that I AM NOT living in the moment... So I will add this post, as is (maybe to be edited later - but that will still be living in the moment surely, even though thinking about that moment didn't feel like it! ;) ) and watch a film... have another tea!

(((Night all)))

¹details to be checked with said friend, and then edited if required
²really gotta check that bit, I feel like I've just ad-libbed an entire sentence


Marcelo Marques said...

Parabéns pelo blog, lindo, espero tê-lo nos seguindo, se puder me deixe atualizado sobre as suas postagens.M.M.C

corfubob said...

I don't know what you mean by 'worry' Why not be 'unhappy' if that's what you prefer. Perhaps it's better to worry first, then apply your intelligence and character to making things better. LATER is the time to enjoy being a loser, and there is no irony here.You can be a loser who tried, and still be happy.

Better still to worry about making a few other people happy. Hoover your navel - don't just stare at it!! I hope that helped - that's why I bothered to respond.

corfubob said...

10 months on. Are things working out? I am reading 'Brick Lane' by Monica Ali at the moment. A wonderful insight into the 'Eastern' mind, but not the oriental philosophy aspect - thank *** - but the god-driven mind of a clever woman learning to live in London from 1970 on.

It is a sobering prospect that Individualism as a central plank of Freedom is a disastrous goal for society compared with some 'faith + authority' -ism, under Islam for instance.

Thanks for your excellent comment at 'beyond belief'. We both need to 'make more effort' in the bloggosphere. Is that what they call it?

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