Thursday, 1 October 2009

New to this Blogging stuff! :)

Hi Everyone,

Not sure if anybody is going to be able to read this, I'll trust that as I've made a post it will go up on a 'Blogging Board' or something like that?

Anyway, thought I'd say Hi, or Alright from where I'm from :) And wonder if anybody fancies contributing to my Blog ( I am aware that i'll need to add my own stuff ha ha) , please, nothing in bad taste, ie. violent or overly offensive, but hopefully some good debate and chat? :) If you do post... Just one rule... Just be Cool! ;)

Bit about me, Single bloke, 33, previously disaffected and disillusioned, but now starting to enjoy Life and all that it has to offer... Beating back my demons on a daily basis! Oh yeah... I'm a warrior! Ha ha :)

Interested in all sorts... Life! Reading, Not drinking (not t-total but moderately, or hardly if I'm honest), Not doing drugs (just to escape), Love, Yoga, Philosophy... And importantly, things that get other people enthusiastic - as long as I can get a feel of it or if it relates to something that I can understand... which invariably, things usually do... I mean we're all human!

So then, small intro from me... I wonder if anybody wants to talk...

Totally random subject then... What does being Happy mean to you?... Any takers?

Just remember... One rule... Be cool (when posting ;))

Bye for now


DQ's Windmill said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - glad to see your interested in yoga! It's a healthy path to tread. Good luck getting your blog going -I'm happy to support new bloggers, and be your first follower:)

Apprentice of Life said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for visiting my blog too, and being my first follower!!:) Also for the good luck wishes with getting it going... Which I think are going to be needed!! Ha ha

Hopefully we'll share or chat at some point in 'blog space' :)


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